September 30, 2022
Diabetes: A glass of milk can reduce the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is such a disease that if it is not taken care of, it can trouble people throughout their life. Recent research has shown that the risk of diabetes can be reduced by consuming milk.

Diabetes: A glass of milk can reduce the risk of diabetes

Research has found that milk reduces the risk of diabetes.

Diabetes means diabetes is increasing rapidly not only in India but all over the world. Diabetes is taking its grip on the elderly as well as the youth. But in a recent research diabetes There has been a new disclosure about stopping. According to research, a glass of milk can reduce the risk of diabetes by 10 percent. Yes, you read it right. Its danger can be reduced with milk. Research has found that milk contains many such nutrients, which increase the ability to convert glucose present in the blood into energy.

Diabetes dangerous for eyes and heart

Let us tell you that timely detection of diabetes is very important. Otherwise, diabetes can prove to be very dangerous for our eyes and heart. Be aware that reaching dangerous levels of diabetes affects the ability of a person’s eyes. Not only this, he can also be blind. Apart from this, it also raises the risk of life-threatening stroke and heart diseases. According to the International Diabetes Federation, about 550 million people worldwide are suffering from it. The reason for this is also our food.

A glass of milk will keep diabetes away

Let us tell you that the European Union has done a study on diabetes. According to which, dairy products like milk, curd and buttermilk can help in preventing this disease. Along with this, to know the effect of milk on diabetes, the team of researchers conducted 13 large studies. Research has found that consuming a glass of milk daily can reduce the risk of diabetes by 10 percent. Research also revealed that 200 grams of any dairy product reduces this disease by 5 percent.

Research has also said that dairy products are rich in nutrients, vitamins and many more bioactive compounds, which play an important role in converting glucose into energy.

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