September 25, 2022
Samosa Is National Snack: Samosa is the national snack, does not differentiate between rich and poor

National snack is samosa food: It is necessary to have two things at any sweet shop in the universe, otherwise that shop is not called a confectionery shop. First, then the confectioner himself and secondly the samosa. Samosa is the only such creation in the world, despite having three corners, it stands proudly with its chest.

When the samosas are stuffed at the confectionery, before being fried, the entire samosa troupe is seen standing in a row in a tray as if the soldiers in white uniforms are standing in a cautious posture, giving a guard of honour, to their own royal For hundreds of years, Samosa is the undeclared emperor of snack food. Reigns in the hearts of foodies with its two queens i.e. green chutney and red chutney!

Samosa does not differentiate between rich and poor

Doesn’t differentiate the rich and the poor, the airport lounge’s fancy robes also have ‘Two Samosas for Two Hundred Fifty Rupees’ in the coffee shop and the old electric pole with iron wire to the tin tin in front of the power office It is also found in “two of fifteen” on the tapri made by binding. The Taj is also served in the hotel’s silver plate. It is also found wrapped in newspapers on the handcart under the bridge, which means that overall Seth ji and the servant of Seth ji’s house have equal taste.

National snack is Samosa: Photo- Social Media

…then the samosa feels proud

When a call comes on the phone of a courier company’s delivery boy, who is engaged in a new job, while relishing it with chickpeas and chutney on a roadside cart, and he replies from the front – ‘I am having lunch.’ So by oath, the samosa must have felt so proud that the potatoes inside it would start dancing on the background music of ‘Ajimo Shan Shahenshah’, just understand that even where there is nothing to eat, the samosa always acts as a life saver!

Just as there is no fixed time for death and customer’s arrival in the shop, in the same way there is no fixed time to eat samosa, not only in whole of India but in many countries of the world. It goes, it is eaten throughout the day in factories and canteens of companies across the country, samosas in the canteens of schools and colleges have become a witness to innumerable deteriorating love stories. Continuous production continues throughout the day in the pan of these canteens.

National snack is Samosa: Photo- Social Media

Even if you give less money to the labor, feed two samosas with tea, then see the work

Give the labor less overtime money, but take a break in the middle and feed it two samosas with tea, then see how the labor is handled well! The samosa, somewhere filled with mashed potatoes. So somewhere from cut square potatoes. Anywhere across the country, an inspector comes to a school, an auditor comes to a company, an old customer comes to the shop to shop, it is as natural to have samosas with a cup of tea in the tray as it is over and over again on setmax by Suryavansham Come, whether it is chips, biscuits, bhujia with tea, but the request of ‘Hey! Take a samosa’ to the guest is considered an honorable sentence!

Samosa wins India’s national snack election

For the title of National Snack of India, get a survey done, whether voting, I claim that the selection of samosas on this title is 100% sure, I am not saying this, but crores of fans of samosas all over the world are saying Huh ! Except for kachori.

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