August 10, 2022
Neem Soap: Prepare neem soap at home, you will get rid of the problem of acne and pimples in monsoon

Instead of bringing neem soap from the market, prepare this medicated soap yourself at home, it will bring many benefits to your skin. Know here about these benefits and about the methods of making soap.

Neem Soap: Prepare neem soap at home, you will get rid of the problem of acne and pimples in monsoon

Health benefits of neem leaves

Rich in antioxidants, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, neem is not only beneficial for health, it is also no less than a boon for your skin. Monsoon In the month of June, there are many problems like pimples, rashes, rash etc. on the skin, neem gives you a lot of relief in these problems. Boiling neem leaves in water and bathing with it, it also removes skin allergies. But it is a big hassle to make this water everyday. In such a situation, you can use neem soap while taking a bath. Since the soap sold in the name of neem soap is not trusted in the market, it is better that you prepare it yourself at home. This soap will remove many problems related to your skin.

ingredients for soap making

Take neem leaves, glycerin soap, vitamin E capsule, water, a mold for making soap, if there is no mold then take a paper cup or small bowl.

prepare soap like this

  1. First, wash the neem leaves thoroughly with water and after that put them in the mixer and make a fine paste. If you have trouble grinding, then add water according to the need and make a very fine paste.
  2. Take out the prepared paste in a bowl or any vessel. After this, make small pieces of soap containing glycerin. Now take a big vessel and pour water in it and heat the water. When the water becomes slightly hot, put an empty bowl in it and put pieces of soap in that bowl.
  3. With the heat, the soap pieces will start to melt. When they melt completely, then add the paste of neem leaves to it. Cut the vitamin E capsule and put it in it and let it heat up for some time.
  4. After this, you put this liquid in a paper cup, plain small bowl or mold, in whichever you want to give it the shape of soap. When it freezes well, then take it out with the help of a knife and use it. By using this neem soap regularly, you will get those benefits, which you would not have even thought about.

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