October 4, 2022
Queen Elizabeth Lifestyle: Queen Elizabeth was the world’s most expensive property, see her car collection

Britain Queen Elizabeth Luxury Lifestyle: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. Let us tell you that she had been ill for some time and was under the supervision of doctors and this information has been given by Buckingham Palace. Late on Thursday, she said goodbye to this world forever. Now after the departure of Elizabeth II, her eldest son Charles has become King of Britain.

Actually Queen Elizabeth is also very famous all over the world due to her lifestyle. Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth celebrated the 70th anniversary of her reign. Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21 April 1926 in London. Let us tell you that she was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York. Elizabeth married Prince Philip on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Let us tell you that on April 21 this year, he celebrated his 96th birthday and he took the throne for 70 years. In fact, Queen Elizabeth became the Queen of Britain in the year 1952. Let us tell you that Queen Elizabeth is also very famous due to her lifestyle. The Queen had many expensive cars, bungalows and crowns. Let us know in detail:

Crown Collection

Actually, it is necessary for every woman in the Royal Family to wear a crown. In such a situation, Queen Elizabeth should have many such crowns which are very expensive. The Emperor State Crown is the most expensive crown worn by the Queen at her Coronation Ceremony. This crown has 2860 demands. The cost of this crown is more than 25 thousand crores. Apart from this crown, the Queen also had Burmese Rupees crown,Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Crown with the Queen. Which was a very expensive crown.

Jewelery Collection

In addition to the expansive crown, Queen Elizabeth had the world’s rarest jewellery. The Queen had The Japanese Pearl Choker Jewellery, which was given to the Queen by the Japanese Government. The price of this bran was $1600. Apart from this, the Queen had The Orential Circlet Jewellery, which belonged to Queen Elizabeth’s mother but after her death this jewelery was given to the Queen, its value is 6500 crores. The queen had a three stand pearl necklace, which was given to her by the queen’s father. This necklace was a favorite of the queen and the queen often wore this necklace. Its cost was Rs 15 crore. Apart from this, Queen had many more expensive jewellery.

car collection

Queen Elizabeth has many expensive cars. Queen owns a Bentley State Limousine car, which costs Rs 11 crore. Apart from this, the Queen owns a Jagaur Daimler Super V8 car, which costs Rs 70 lakh, apart from this, the Queen also owns a 1948 Rolls Royce Phantom car, which is worth Rs 8 crore, apart from this, there is a 2006 Jagaur X type estate car, which The price is Rs 17 lakh. Apart from these cars, many other cars were present with the Queen.

Queen’s Palace

Queen has the most expensive property in the world. Windsor castle, this palace was gifted to the Queen’s mother Victoria by her husband Albert, but after her death, now a British family is living in it. The cost of this luxurious palace is about 1022 crores. This is the oldest and tallest castle in the world, which took 16 years to build. This castle has a large hall with 1000 luxurious rooms and also has 500 years old furniture. There is also a beautiful church inside this castle. Apart from this, the Queen owns Buckingham Palace, which is quite famous around the world because it is one of the most expensive properties in the world. There are 770 rooms in this palace, out of which 180 are staff rooms, in this palace the Queen used to hold many important meetings. There is also a garden at the back side of this palace and there is also a special music room in this palace. Apart from this, there is a ball room in this palace, where parties are held. This palace also has a post office, swimming pool, doctor’s office and also a hall where many new and beautiful dresses of the queen have also been displayed. The cost of this palace is more than 36 thousand crores. Apart from this, the Queen has another palace named Sandrigham Estate, which is worth 9000 crores. Apart from this, the Queen has Hillsborogh Castle, which is worth 6000 crores.

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