September 30, 2022
Navratri 2022 Vrat: Keep yourself healthy during Navratri fasting, these tips are helpful in reducing weight

Navratri 2022 Vrat: The festivities of Navratri this year begin on Monday 26 September and end with Vijayadashami on Wednesday 5 October. Which means that many Hindu devotees will fast for nine days. As the devotees observe this long fast, it is only natural that they can indulge in some delicious festive food like Puri and Fried Sabudana Tikki. However, high-calorie fried foods may not be very healthy to consume for nine days in a row. Hence it is important that you maintain a healthy and balanced diet during the upcoming Navratri.

Let us tell you that Navratri is a time when many devotees pray to Goddess Durga and observe a fast. Apart from having religious significance, the practice of fasting can also help to detoxify your body and get rid of harmful calories.

If you want to have a healthy fasting routine, here are some tips that you can follow to make yourself healthier:

1. If you are eating only once a day, make sure not to double the portion size. Eat a limited amount of food, even if it is only once a day. Do not overeat as it can contribute to your weight gain.

2. Try to follow a balanced diet instead of consuming fried items like puris, tikkis which are high in calories and unhealthy fats. Include fruits, lightly fried vegetables and dosas and idlis made from buckwheat flour. You can also include dry fruits like almonds, cashews and raisins for breakfast.

3. One of the most essential components of a healthy Navratri fasting includes water. Stay hydrated throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

4. Include fiber in your diet. Instead of consuming starchy foods like potatoes, include foods like raw apples, pumpkins and gourds to help keep you full throughout the day.

5. Apart from following a healthy diet, it is also essential that you maintain a certain sleep cycle that gives you enough time to rest.

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