August 7, 2022
Skin Care Tips: Use These Tests In The Kitchen To Remove Sun Tan

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Skin Care Tips: Use These Tests In The Kitchen To Remove Sun Tan

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There is a flood in the coming time and coming in the sun. It’s black. Even in case of repeated violations. Use chemical products like this. They are bad in weather. so you home made remedies today also . By using the power effect you too tan can remove.

lin juice and

Linseed juice acts as a spraying agent. It helps to remove sunburn. Lens for the movie Ek Barabil. Mo. Regarding this matter. Keep it on the skin for 20 to 30 days. Wash off with aqueous.

Besan, Garlic and Ka Face Pack

Take besan one at a time. Movie Ek Mirchi Aur Achari. Better play in these matches. Amazing this face and on the cheeks. Wash it off with 15 aqueous. Helps to build skin in water. Helps in working out the complexion of besan to smooth and stay fit.

papaya face pack

To make this, take 4-5 of papaya, pumpkin, watermelon, potato and cucumber. Take the installation Like it and like it. Set aside for some time. Wash off the superfluous with water.

lentil face pack

to pollute the moisture. Even in a crowd of madmen. making the necessary material. Wash it off with water.


Take milk, water and water in one. Better these batteries. Like it and like it. To fight for some distance. Wash off with dangerous water. For high quality properties. It also helps to remove

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