October 3, 2022
Sleeping Foods: Eat these things before going to bed, you will get good sleep

Diet affects your sleep quality. Balance diet is essential to enhance sleep quality. Today we will tell you which things should be eaten for good sleep.

Sleeping Foods: Eat these things before going to bed, you will get good sleep

Good sleep also depends on our diet.

Did you know that our diet and lifestyle affect our sleep? Yes, balance diet is also an important contributor to good sleep. Explain that many nutrients, amino acids and minerals Helps regulate many of our bodily functions. According to experts, it is necessary to have a difference of at least 2 hours between the time of eating and sleeping. However, what are the things we should eat for good sleep. Let us inform you through this article.


Carbohydrates also play an important role in getting us to sleep well. Carbohydrates help in releasing tryptophan in our body. Due to which we get good sleep. Apart from this, complex carbs also give us rest at night. In this way, carbohydrates also play their role for a comfortable sleep at night.


It is said that cashews should be eaten before sleeping. These are helpful for good sleep. Let us tell you that cashews help in relaxing our nerves. The manganese present in it helps in giving us restful sleep. Cashew nuts are not high in cholesterol. Therefore, diabetic patients can also include them as a part of dinner.

Sweet potato

Let us tell you that sweet potato is a great option for dinner. Sweet potatoes are rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium, which promote quality sleep. By consuming them at night, we get good sleep.


Nutmeg helps release serotonin. For information, let us tell you that nutmeg should be used only in small quantities. Keep in mind that a pinch of nutmeg is enough. You can drink it by mixing it with warm milk. Take it before you sleep.


Apart from all this, milk is considered a great option for good sleep. It acts as a night cap. In addition to tryptophan, good amounts of calcium, vitamin D and melatonin are found in milk. These ingredients are known to promote good sleep.

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