October 5, 2022
Know from these symptoms weak immune system, can increase the risk of infection

The immune system is the body’s only defense mechanism, which protects the body from future infections. But if it is weak, then the chances of infection due to many pathogens are high.

Know from these symptoms weak immune system, can increase the risk of infection

Know the symptoms of weak immune system

If our body’s immune system is fine, then we will not fall ill soon. Often there are many of us who eat even a little outside food or get drenched in the rain – they fall ill immediately. But there are some people who do not get sick quickly whatever they eat outside. our reason behind this immune system Is. Many people have a good immune system, while many people seem to be struggling with the problem of a weak immune system. Today we will tell what are the symptoms of a weak immune system.

persistent flu or cold

Facing frequent cold or flu problems can be the reason for a weak immune system. When our immune system is weak, the immune system does not have the ability to protect us from the attack of dangerous viruses and bacteria, due to which we get flu and cold easily and frequently. Let us tell you that it is quite normal for people to have cold 2 to 3 times a year.

persistent stomach problems

The immune system is linked to the state of our digestive system. If you regularly suffer from stomach problems like diarrhoea, bloating and constipation, then these can be warning signs of weakened immune system. Therefore, do not be careless about any problem related to stomach.

feeling lethargic

Feeling lethargic in the body is also a sign of weak immunity. Your body is always fighting a battle against pathogens, so energy consumption is high. Due to which you feel tired and lethargic even after regular sleep. Feeling lethargic along with tiredness can be due to a weak immune system.

slow wound healing

Sometimes a wound in any part of the body does not heal even for a week. This is because your immunity system is weak. Due to which the injured skin does not heal very quickly. The stronger our immune system, the quicker the wound will heal.

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