October 4, 2022
Waxing vs Shaving: These four reasons related to waxing make it better than shaving

Waxing VS Shaving: Most of the people are confused whether to wax or shave, it is a challenging decision. This small choice can have a big impact, while shaving may seem more uncomfortable initially, waxing actually takes less time overall.

Here are four specific reasons why you should wax your hair instead of shaving it:

Smooth and long lasting results

Unlike shaving, which only causes your skin to prick after a few days, waxing can leave you feeling soft and smooth like a baby’s soles for about three weeks. Finding time to shave every few days can be challenging with our busy lifestyles. Your skin will remain smooth and velvety for several weeks after waxing as the hair is forced to grow back completely from the root.

No more cuts, and no itching

Cuts and bruises can occur after shaving. If you cut your skin, especially if you frequently use a razor, you are at risk of getting an infection.

Depilation is possible with waxing without the painful cuts and nicks that result from razor blades. Waxing gives great results. You should also know that shaving can lead to razor burn, irritation, ingrown hairs and inflamed hair follicles. Conversely, waxing exfoliates the skin.

Guaranteed exfoliation and no more hyperpigmentation

An added benefit of waxing is that it helps get rid of dead skin cells. Your skin will become softer as the dead skin cells are removed. If you want, you can also exfoliate a few days before waxing. To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate your skin several days before waxing.

After shaving, some people notice that their skin has darkened; However, this does not happen after waxing. Apart from exfoliating your skin, waxing also helps prevent hyperpigmentation.

thin hair grows back

Your hair may grow more slowly if you continue to maintain a regular waxing schedule. When your hair grows back, you will feel that it is hardly noticeable if you wax frequently. This may also be because due to frequent waxing, your hair follicles start looking weak and fine. Shaving breaks the hair at the thickest part of the follicle, causing the hair to grow back thicker.

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