August 10, 2022
Relationship Tips: Know why youth are reducing sex, the reason will surprise

Why Young People Are Having Less Sex: In the last few years, there has been a huge difference in the perception of people towards sex. Where earlier people liked to hang out with their friends or like to spend time. Today the world of people has been limited to the Internet. Which also affects sex life. Nowadays the attachment towards sex is decreasing among the youth.

Generally speaking of sex is everyone’s interesting topic. Even though people talk less about this, but there is always a desire to know something about it. But in a recent research, it has been revealed that nowadays the attachment towards sex is decreasing among the youth. Young people are no longer looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend but are more likely to hang out in groups. Hugs and emotional support are found within such groups.

Nowadays most of the time of youth is spent on mobile. Which affects health as well as sex life. Social media and smartphones have changed the way people communicate. Adolescent youth are having less sex than adults. One reason behind this is also the economic condition. In addition, half of the youth today live with their parents. This reduces the number of couples having sex and the privacy of those living with the parents. Due to which young people are not showing any interest in sex. Unemployment and under-employment are also reasons for having less sex.

Actually now the youth are preferring to spend most of their free time online. There is very little meeting people in person, which creates fewer sexual opportunities. Also many young people are concerned about getting into trouble with dating ambiguity and confusion. Sex is thus less compelling than it used to be because it is unable to beat the competition of the Internet and smartphones. According to a survey, the youth of the present era are taking more time to have sex for the first time. Also, one person in every 20 was found to be a virgin by the age of 26. Apart from this, there is a fear in most of the youth that someone about their life or sex should not go viral on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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