41, 44 or 46? What is Shahid Afridi’s real age? Fierce trolls on birthday


New Delhi: Today is a very special day for Pakistan’s legendary all-rounder Shahid Afridi. Afridi (Shahid Afridi) is celebrating his birthday today i.e. on March 1 and he has also thanked everyone on Twitter for the congratulations. However, after Afridi’s tweet, a new controversy started on social media. Actually, Afridi (Shahid Afridi) has claimed that he is 44 years old today, but according to the ICC official records Afridi is a different age, after which he is now being trolled fiercely.

Questions raised on Afridi’s age

Afridi (Shahid Afridi) said in his tweet that he has become 44 years old today. But according to ICC official records, Afridi is 41 years old today. Not only this, Afridi wrote in his own book that he was born in 1975, according to which he turned 46 today. In such a situation, a big question has arisen that what exactly is Afridi’s age?

Record is the youngest to score a century

Afridi (Shahid Afridi) made his international debut on 2 October 1996. Two days later, on 4 October 1996, Afridi set the record for the fastest ODI century in 37 balls against Sri Lanka. Not only this, the record of scoring a century in the youngest name of Afridi was also made. According to ICC records, Afridi was 16 years old at the time, but according to Afridi’s tweet or his book, he was not 16 at that time. The record for making the youngest international century after Afridi (Shahid Afridi) is named after Usman Ghani of Afghanistan, who scored a century against Zimbabwe in 2014 at the age of 17 and 242 days.

Trolls are becoming fierce on Twitter

Shahid Afridi has been mired in criticisms for stating his wrong age. As soon as he told on Twitter that he is 44, then people started trolling him in a tremendous way.


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