8 Years Ollie Robinson should be given such a big punishment for the first thing? Michael Holding replied


New Delhi: England all-rounder Ollie Robinson was suspended from international cricket by the ECB due to his old racist tweets. This player, who played only one match in his career, has been given a huge punishment by the ECB for his 8-year-old mistake.

Michael Holding made a big statement

West Indies legend Michael Holding has justified the suspension of England cricketer Ollie Robinson for his racist tweets at a young age, but believes that if the investigation shows that the fast bowler later If such behavior is not repeated, then they should get a second chance. Holding told Sky Sports, ‘This is eight-nine years old. Can the ECB find out that even after that Robinson behaved like this, said such things, tweeted such things.’

Tweets made in 2012-13

Robinson made tweets related to racism and gender discrimination in 2012 and 2013, which became a topic of discussion on social media when he recently made his Test debut. After this, the ECB suspended him pending the investigation. This 27-year-old player was supported by his teammates and said that they have forgiven him in this matter. Holding also took a sympathetic attitude in this matter but also upheld the ECB’s decision to suspend Robinson.

Big punishment should not be given

Holding said, ‘If he behaved like this nine years ago and after that he has learned and has not done anything like this and has changed his attitude in recent years, then I don’t think he should be punished severely. needed.’ Holding has been vocal against racism after the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of a white policeman in the US last year. He justified the decision to suspend Robinson.

He said, ‘Yes, suspend him because you want to investigate him. You cannot allow him to continue with the game pending investigation as some new things may come to the fore in the investigation. But this investigation should be completed at the earliest.


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