A mountain of broken gum on RP Singh, former Team India cricketer. Father not living due to coronavirus


New Delhi: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the cricket world, the father of Indian bowler Chetan Sakariya and Piyush Chawla (Piyush Chawla) died a few days ago due to this dangerous epidemic. Now the team of former India cricketer RP Singh (RP Singh) has broken a mountain of sorrows.

Bad news told through Twitter

RP Singh wrote on Twitter, ‘With great grief I have to tell that my father Shiv Prasad Singh (Shiv Prasad Singh) has passed away. Kovid died on 12 May. I request you to remember my father in my prayers.

Havoc of india corona

India is facing devastation caused by the second wave of Coronavirus in India. More than 4 lakh new cases of infection are coming out every day for the last few times. The crisis has been aggravated by the lack of essential medicines and oxygen. Because of this, thousands of people are losing their lives every day.


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