After Dhanashree, Yuzvendra Chahal told fans his pain, shared emotional post


New Delhi: Team India’s leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is known for his fun style. Chahal is very active on social media and keeps the fans entertained with his jokes. But due to Kovid, the whole country is in trouble at this time and Chahal’s family has also come under the grip of Corona.

Chahal-Dhanashree’s family is going through terrible situation

Actually, Dhanashree Verma, wife of Chazal (Yuzvendra Chahal), had informed that his family is also going through a difficult situation. He shared his grief with fans through this post.

He had told that Chahal’s parents have been found to be corona positive and he has severe symptoms. Chahal’s father is admitted in the hospital and the mother is undergoing treatment at home. There is a terrible situation in the hospital.

Chahal shared an emotional post

After wife Dhanashree Verma, now Chahal has shared the post on Instagram. Chahal (Yuzvendra Chahal) himself shared a picture of his family on social media. Chahal shared the picture and wrote in the caption, ‘Keep the people close to you ..’ Chahal has also shared the heart’s emoji with it. Fans are giving solace to Chahal and also wishing his parents to recover soon.

Let me tell you that Dhanashree Verma’s mother and brother Corona became positive. During that time she was in the bio-bubble of IPL. Though now his brother and mother recovered, but unfortunately he lost his aunt. In such a situation, she is appealing to be the safest.

The famous couple is Chahal and Dhanshree

Cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife Dhanashree Verma are well-known couples. He often shares his beautiful photos and videos with his fans. Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree got married in December 2020 only last year.


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