After Jaffer, Salman Butt of Pakistan gave a controversial statement to Michael Vaughan on Virat Kohli


New Delhi: Pakistan cricketer Salman Butt has strongly criticized former England captain Michael Vaughan. Vaughan often makes controversial statements on social media. This time he made a controversial statement about Virat Kohli and also compared Kane Williamson.

After which Wasim Jaffer jumped in the middle and gave him a befitting reply. Now Salman Butt of Pakistan has lynched him.

Salman Butt slams Vaughan

Salman Butt said on his YouTube channel, ‘Kohli comes from a country where there is a lot of population. Apart from this, his performance is very good. At the moment Kohli has 70 centuries in international cricket, no cricket of this decade has been able to hit so many centuries so far ‘.

“Apart from this, he has also dominated the batting rankings for a long time and his performance has been tremendous. In such a situation, I do not understand what is needed to be compared to anyone.

Salman Butt said, ‘And see who compared these two? Michael Vaughan. He was a very good captain of England. He was a good Test batsman but he did not score a single century in ODIs. If you have not scored a single century as an opener, then there is no point in talking. Their habit is to create controversy by speaking something.

Michael Vaughan spews poison

Former England captain Michael Vaughan once again made a controversial statement by spewing venom on Virat Kohli. This time he compared Virat to Williamson.

Vaughan (Michael Vaughan) said that if Kane Williamson were an Indian, he would be the best player in the world today. But, it is not because you will not be allowed to say so. Because you have Virat Kohli and cannot match Virat Kohli because he does not have 100 million Instagram followers.

Wasim Jaffer gave a befitting reply

Wasim Jaffer has given a befitting reply to Vaughan’s statements in his own style on the last few occasions as well. This time, Jaffer took the support of Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and told Vaughan to interfere. Jafar tweeted and wrote- ‘Hrithik has the extra finger, but does Michael Vaughan’.


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