After leaving the IPL, this player had to listen to the truth, now the reason for leaving the tournament has been told


New Delhi: There has been a ruckus due to the sudden withdrawal of 3 England players from the second half of IPL 2021. England’s David Malan, Chris Woakes and Jonny Bairstow have withdrawn from the second half of the IPL, after which these players are facing allegations of cheating. Let us tell you that Jos Buttler, Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes have already distanced themselves from IPL 2021.

England players are cheating

Half a dozen English players will not be part of the IPL. In such a situation, the absence of these players is not going to be forgotten by the IPL family. Let us tell you that the franchises are feeling cheated after the players of England withdraw from the IPL one after the other. The England players who had been bought by the team owners, could have to suffer a lot due to them not playing.

Tournaments leaving one by one

England all-rounder Chris Woakes, who has pulled out of the second phase of IPL 2021, has now revealed what was the reason behind his withdrawal from the IPL. Woakes has said that he wants to keep himself fit for the upcoming T20 World Cup and then the Ashes series in Australia, so he had to choose between the Ashes and the IPL and that is why he had to skip one. lay.

Now the player himself clarified

Woakes is currently playing for his county team Warwickshire and after that he wants to play in the T20 World Cup and the Ashes. The Guardian quoted Woakes as saying, ‘There is not much gap between the World Cup and the Ashes series. I would have definitely loved to play in the IPL, but to play in the World Cup and the Ashes, it was necessary to leave something or the other.

Now told the reason for leaving the tournament

Woakes said that he did not know that he would be included in the England team for the T20 World Cup and after that the IPL was also postponed. He said, ‘Till a few months ago, I did not know that my name would be in the World Cup team. The IPL has been rescheduled and put at the end of our summer. World Cup and Ashes are to be organized within a very short time and I would have liked to play in IPL but have to leave something. The second half of IPL 2021 is going to start in UAE from 19 September.


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