After the statement on Virat Kohli, Michael Vaughan, who raged on Salman Butt, told the PAK cricketer- ‘Match Fixer’


New Delhi: Pakistan’s cricketer Salman Butt has strongly criticized former England captain Michael Vaughan, to which he has received a sharp response. Vaughan made a controversial statement about Virat Kohli and also compared Kane Williamson.

Many cricketers were furious at Vaughan’s statement

After Michael Vaughan’s disputed statement about Virat Kohli, Wasim Jaffer jumped in the middle and gave him a befitting reply. Now Salman Butt of Pakistan has lynched him.

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What did Salman Butt say about Vaughan?

Salman Butt said on his YouTube channel, ‘Kohli comes from a country where the population is very large. Apart from this, his performance is very good. At the moment Kohli has 70 centuries in international cricket, no cricketer of this decade has been able to hit such a century so far. Apart from this, he has also dominated the batting rankings for a long time and his performance has been tremendous. In such a situation, I do not understand what is needed to be compared to anyone.

‘Vaughn used to create controversy’

Salman Butt further said, ‘And see who compared these two? Michael Vaughan. He was a very good captain of England. He was a good Test batsman but he did not score a single century in ODIs. If you have not put a single century as an opener, then there is no point in talking. Their habit is to create controversy by speaking something.

Von raging on Salman

Salman Butt’s statement provoked Michael Vaughan. He wrote on Twitter, ‘I have heard what Salman said about me, well I allow him to express his views but I wish that his views would be clear in the year 2010 when he was match fixing. (Match Fixing).

Salman was caught in spot fixing

Significantly, Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were banned by the ICC for fixing. These players were found guilty of spot fixing during the 2010 Lords Test. At the same time, all three had to stay in jail for some time. This is the reason why Michael Vaughan is taunting Salman by reminding him of the 11-year-old incident.

Vaughan compared Virat and Kane

In fact, Michael Vaughan had said in a statement, ‘If Kane Williamson had been an Indian, he would have been the greatest player in the world, but it is not because you are not allowed to say that Virat Kohli is not the greatest, doing so on social The media behaves badly against you. That’s why you say that Virat is the best, so that you get more clicks, likes and followers. Ken Williams is equally the best in every format. I think his calm nature, his humility are reflected in the way he plays. The truth is that they are quite calm in whatever they do.

Jaffer trolled through Hrithik

In a funny reaction to this statement Wasim Jaffer wrote on Twitter, ‘Actra finger is close to Hrithik but Karta is Michael Vaughan. #Virat Kohli #Kane Williamson. ‘ Significantly, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has 6 fingers in his right hand. Jaffer enjoyed the former England captain with the help of this.

Von gave answer to jafar

After this, Michael Vaughan was also no more. He wrote in response to Wasim Jaffer. ‘I am assuming you agree with my views, Wasim,’ Von has long been a critic of Team India. This is the reason why he is always on the target of Indian cricket fans.


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