Air India denies misconduct allegations with Indian shooter Manu Bhaker


New Delhi: The airlines company has given its statement about the allegations of Indian woman shooter Manu Bhaker. Air India has denied misconduct with Bhaker by two of its airline staff at Delhi Airport.

In a statement released on Sunday, Air India claimed that when Bhaker was going from Delhi to Bhopal with her mother on February 19, she was asked for ‘valid’ documents. While the shooter accused the airline staff of ‘harassing’ and ‘insulting’.

The 19-year-old shooter won gold medals in the Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympic Games. Bhakar has demanded action against these two officers from the airlines. He shared his and officer’s picture on Twitter.

Air India said in a statement, ‘Our employee Manoj Gupta was at the counter the whole time and he did not talk to Bhaker directly at any time. It can also be seen from CCTV footage. Therefore, a case of misconduct by him does not arise.

According to this, CCTV footage also falsifies allegations of taking bribe and snatching mobile phones. According to Air India, during the entry at the Delhi airport counter, Bhakar told the officers that he had an air pistol and 0.22 bore gun.

According to the statement, he was advised by our counter officers to bring documents which are mandatory for carrying weapons. Air India security officials also corrected this. When Bhaker showed the documents, he was told that these were not ‘valid’ as it was signed only by the Assistant Secretary of the National Rifle Association.

According to the rules of Air India, according to the rules, only the signature of the secretary or president of the concerned union is valid for the exemption of the fee, the information of which is also available on the Air India website. However, Manu Bhaker believes that Air India is trying to save its officers.


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