Amazing: 14 year old girl, height 7 feet 5 inches, makes a big difference in basketball


New Delhi: Pictures and videos of 14-year-old female basketball player Zhang Ziyu from China are becoming increasingly viral on social media. He is being compared to the basketball legend Yao Ming there.

Age 14 years, Height 7 feet 5 inches

Zhang Ziyu is taller than her age. His height is 2.26 meters (7 feet 5 inches). She hails from Shandong Province of East China. In the viral video, Zhang is participating in China’s National Under-15 Women’s Basketball League final. Zhang is much taller than her fellow players.

lead your team to victory

Zhang Ziyu started trending in China’s microblogging site Weibo when he played a key role in helping his team win with 42 points. Zhang took 25 rebounds and blocked 6 shots.

inspiration from parents

Zhang Ziyu’s parents have been professional basketball players. Zhang is taller than her parents. His father’s height is 2.13 meters and mother’s height is 1.9 meters. Social media users are comparing him to the famous player Yao Ming.

Height started increasing since childhood

When Zhang Ziyu was in primary school, her height was 1.6 meters. When she reached high school, she was 2.11 meters. Many social media users wondered how tall she would be when she was 20 or 22 years old.


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