Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni are school time friends, these photos are getting viral


New Delhi: Anushka Sharma has studied in the same school with Sakshi Dhoni before becoming the wives of two Indian cricket giants Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Sakshi and Anushka were school time friends and the two had a good friendship. Please tell that Anushka’s father was an officer in the Indian Army, when Anushka Sharma’s father was posted in Assam, Anushka studied at St. Mary’s School there. Sakshi was also studying at that school.

Anushka and Sakshi have studied in the same school

There are many such pictures of Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni on social media, in which both are seen together. Anushka Sharma said in an interview in the year 2013, ‘Sakshi and I used to live together in a very small city in Assam. When she told me where she lives, I said wow, I live here too. He said that I used to study in this school, I said that I used to attend this school too.

Viral picture of childhood

The group photo of Sakshi Dhoni and Anushka Sharma’s school went viral on social media, in which Anushka and Sakshi’s childhood photos are being shown. In the childhood picture, Anushka is seen in a pink-colored lehenga-chunni, while another witness is wearing an angel’s dress.

Anushka and Sakshi are happy in their lives

Apart from this, there are pictures of these two growing up together, in which both of them are seen with their friends. In this picture, Sakshi and Anushka are seen posing with their friends. Today both of them are happy in their lives and they also have a daughter each. Anushka became a mother in January this year and her daughter’s name is Vamika. At the same time, the name of Sakshi’s daughter is Jeeva Dhoni.


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