Apart from salary, BCCI gives huge amount for every match, will blow away the players’ earnings


New Delhi: Indian cricket team players are the highest earning players in the whole world. Apart from the salary they get from BCCI’s central contract, these players get a huge amount from advertisements and other things. The BCCI has divided the central contract into four categories to pay salaries to the players of the team.

This is how Indian players get salary

Let us tell you that according to the annual contract of BCCI, A+ players get Rs 7 crore, while the contract of Grade A players is Rs 5 crore. Grade-B and C players get Rs 3 crore and Rs 1 crore respectively. In this list, team captains Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah have been given A grade contracts. Accordingly, 7 crore rupees will be given to these three players in the whole year.

Big amount is also available in match fees

Apart from the annual contract, the BCCI also pays match fees to these players, in which the fees for each match are included. Team India players get 15 lakh rupees for playing a test. Whereas an ODI gets 6 lakhs and a T20 gets 3 lakhs. Apart from this, those who are not playing in the match, they get half the money. This has been disclosed by former batsman Akash Chopra on his YouTube channel.

Apart from this, ‘Bonus Money’ is also available.

Apart from this, ‘Bonus Money’ is also given to the players playing the Tests of Team India. If a player scores a double century in the match, then he gets Rs 7 lakh more. Apart from this, if any other player scores a century, then he is given 5 lakh rupees and if he takes 5 wickets, then the same amount is given. This money is separate from the match fee.


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