Arjun Tendulkar opens his secret, father tells Sachin Tendulkar not Jasprit Bumrah


New Delhi: Arjun Tendulkar (Arjun Tendulkar), the son of cricket’s greatest batsman Sachin Tendulkar, is very active on social media nowadays. Meanwhile, Arjun did a session on question and answer on Instagram. Where he answered some of the questions of the fans.

Arjun said his favorite player

In the midst of this session, a fan asked Arjun Tendulkar who is your favorite player in Mumbai Indians. Arjun surprised everyone by answering this question. Actually, this name is not of Sachin Tendulkar or Rohit Sharma but of star fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah. Bumrah has consistently played brilliantly for Mumbai Indians for the last few years.

Bought for 20 lakhs

Arjun Tendulkar (Arjun Tendulkar) was included in his team in the IPL Oxon this year for 20 lakh rupees. However, Arjun did not play a single match in IPL 2021. Let us know that the 14th season of IPL was postponed due to increasing cases of corona virus.

Troll done to Arjun

In fact, when Mumbai Indians (MI) included Arjun Tendulkar in their team for 20 lakh rupees, people started trolling Arjun fiercely on social media. People started saying that Arjun got the opportunity to play IPL due to nepotism.


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