Athlete used to drink this medicine for strength, fell down in jaw; death occurred


New Delhi: America’s Ebenezer McBurney Byers was one of the best athletes in the world, but a mistake not only ruined his career, but also proved to be the cause of his death. Ebenezer was a great sportsperson, but a drug caused his jaw to fall off.

Ebenezer lost his jaw due to this drug

In 1927, Ebenezer was battling an injury, after which doctors prescribed him a Radithor. He felt himself energized after taking this medicine. Soon Ebenezer got addicted to this medicine and he started consuming it more than necessary. Ebenezer’s jaw fell down due to excessive consumption of this medicine.

No pain felt after jaw drop

After Ebenezer’s jaw fell, he felt no pain at all, because his nerves had become numb due to drinking Raditaur. Even after a lot of efforts, the doctors could not connect his jaw. Ebenezer died in 1932 at the age of 51. After his death, his body was tested, in which many radioactive particles were found.

Doctor Prescribed Raditour To Ebenezer

Unfortunately, the doctor who prescribed Ebenezer to drink Radithor was not actually a doctor. With the help of fake degree, he kept fooling them by becoming a doctor. Because of this fake doctor, many people had to take the risk of their lives. Ebenezer died after drinking 1400 vials of the drug. The medics believed that Ebenezer’s injury could have been healed quickly with the use of Raditaur. Because of this, he was advised to drink a small spoonful of Raditour every day. Ebenezer was feeling very good due to its continuous consumption. Due to the ingestion of this medicine, his jaw fell down.


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