Australian media conspires to defame Team India after defeat; BCCI responds


new Delhi: Five cricketers of Team India have gone into isolation in Australia. Deputy captains Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Rishabh Pant, Navdeep Saini and Prithvi Shaw have been accused of violating the Biosafety Protocol. Cricket Australia had given this information on Saturday. However, a senior official of the Cricket Board of India (BCCI) has said that the team is aware of the protocol and it has not been broken.

Australian media stunned after defeat

Cricket australia (Cricket Australia) Under the Biosafety Protocol, players have been told not to dine in indoor restaurants. With this, they have been told not to use public vehicles but they can walk on foot. However, under protocol, players are allowed to eat in outdoor restaurants following social distance.

In such a situation, the entire uproar occurred due to the appearance of 5 players of Team India in a closed restaurant. Cricket Australia’s statement has not given any time limit for the investigation, but it has also been learned that the Indian team management is upset with this.

Free food for Team India became Zee’s website, all players had to isolate

A senior Indian Board official said, “The players were standing outside the restaurant and went inside due to drizzle. If this has been done to put pressure on the Indian team before the third Test, then this is a bad way for Cricket Australia ‘.

Asked if Cricket Australia could prevent three players (Rohit, Pant and Gill) from participating in the next Test, the official said, “The first thing is that they have been allowed to practice. Secondly, we do not think that the matter will reach here because it will have adverse results.

The official had earlier said, “Biosafety protocol has not been violated. Everyone associated with the Indian team is aware of the protocol. The Australian media has left this shigufa to discredit the team after an embarrassing defeat.

There was a ruckus on a video

A fan had posted a video on Twitter in which all five of them were having dinner in an indoor restaurant. The man also claimed that he was sitting close to these players and after paying their food bill, he hugged Pant. He later deleted the hugging tweet as it raised the issue of violation of protocol.

This fan’s name is Navdeep and he posted, ‘He did not know who gave his bill .. I can only do so much for my superstars’.

Navdeep wrote, ‘When he came to know that I had given the bill, Rohit said that brother, take the money, friend does not like it. I said no sir, I will Pant hugged me and said that the photo will be done only when the money is taken back. I said no brother. Finally everyone took a photo. Enjoyed, man.


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