Babar Azam, who married a cousin, was accused of sexual abuse, got an abortion with friends?


New Delhi: Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistani cricket team, will marry his own cousin next year. The matter of marriage of this couple has been agreed between the families of Babar Azam and his cousin. Both will get married next year.

Babur was accused of sexual abuse

Let us tell you that Pakistan captain Babar Azam has also been accused of sexual abuse. A woman accused Babar Azam of sexually assaulting her and threatened her. The woman had said that Babur had made false promises of marriage to her.

woman accused of being pregnant

The woman had said that Babar Azam sexually abused her for 10 years on the pretext of marriage. When I got pregnant, Babar beat me up and threatened to kill me. According to the victim, Babar and he studied in the same school. Both lived in the same locality.

sexually abused for 10 years

The woman had said, ‘Babar Azam proposed to me and I accepted it. Babar Azam had not started playing cricket at that time. According to the woman, Babar Azam kept cheating on her and sexually abused her for 10 years in the name of marriage. According to the woman, when she told Babar Azam that she was pregnant, Babar along with some of his friends got her abortion done. The victim said, ‘Babur also changed his number in 2017. Even after this, they kept taking advantage of me for 3 years. In 2020, he flatly refused to marry me.

Compare with Virat Kohli

Babar was recently made the Test captain of the Pakistan cricket team. He is already the ODI and T20 captain of the team. He has played 33 Tests so far, in which he has scored 2169 runs at an average of 42.53. At the same time, in 80 ODIs, he scored 3808 runs at an average of 56.84. Babar has scored 2035 runs in 54 T20 matches at an average of 47.33. Babar Azam is compared to Virat Kohli.


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