Ball Tampering: Australia’s bowlers break silence after Cameron Bancroft’s revelations, read full statement


New Delhi: Australian batsman Cameron Bancroft recently made a big disclosure. He said that the Australian bowlers also knew about the ball tampering incident. In this case, the Kangaroo bowlers have released their statement.

Australian bowlers broke silence

Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Nathan Lyon have reiterated that they were not aware of anything external that was brought into the fray Because of which the ball can be changed.

‘We are forced to speak again’

These 4 members of the Cape Town bowling unit wrote in their shared statement, ‘In service, the Australian public, we are proud of our sincerity, it is disappointing to see some truths by some journalists and old players on our truths recently. Questions have been raised in days, referring to the 2018 Cape Town Test. We have answered many questions related to this issue many times, but we are forced to tell its main facts again.

‘We were not aware of foreign matter’

We were not aware that any foreign matter was brought into the field so that the ball could be changed. We did not know this until we saw the pictures on the big screen of Newlands. And those who insist on the fact that we are aware of the outsider, despite the lack of evidence, that just because we are bowlers, we are saying that the umpires of this test match Nigel Long and Richard Illingworth , Both are respected and experienced people. He had examined the ball after photographs appeared in TV coverage, which did not show any signs of damage to the ball.

‘What happened was wrong’

What we have said cannot be an excuse for something that happened in the grounds of Newlands. That was wrong and it should never happen. We all have learned important lessons and we would like to think that the audience will see positive changes in us, including our way of playing. We are committed to the fact that we will keep improving to become better human beings and sportspersons. We are respectfully requesting that this rumor and taunt be cleared, it has gone a long way and now is the time to move forward.


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