Ball Tampering case may be investigated again after Bancroft’s revelations, Cricket Australia reacted


New Delhi: In the year 2018, there was a case of ball tampering in a Test match played between South Africa and Australia (SA vs AUS) in Cape Town (Capetown). Cricket Australia then awarded Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft to the Ball Tampering case.

In this case, Cameron Bancroft, who has endured 9 months ban, has made a big disclosure about the incident of ball tempering, which has caused a panic in the cricket world. He has said that Australian bowlers knew about this.

Cricket Australia will investigate again!

After the new disclosure of Bancroft (Cricket), Cricket Australia is ready to re-investigate the matter. In a conversation with Fox Cricket, Cricket Australia’s Nick Hawley made this statement. He said, ‘Cricket Australia has clearly said that if anyone has any information about the 2018 Cape Town Test match, they should come forward and tell it. The investigation that took place at that time was very thorough. Since then, no one had given such new information that could raise questions on the investigation.

Bancroft’s big disclosure on ball tempering

Cameron Bancroft has told in an interview to ‘The Guardian’ that Australian bowlers knew about the incident of ball tempering. Bancroft said, ‘Look, all I wanted was to be responsible for what I did on the field. Yes, it is clear that the bowlers benefited from what I did and there was no need for any separate awareness about it. Everyone knew what they were doing? He said that if I had better awareness, I would have taken a better decision. When he was asked again in clear terms that a bowler knew. Then he said, ‘Uff … see, I think yes’.

‘Lessons by mistake’

Cameron Bancroft said, ‘I was definitely disappointed because I disappointed the team and did a thing that completely compromised my principles. It felt like I had thrown a lot. I invested too much to the point where I lost control over my principles. What became important to me was to be liked. Feeling really important for my colleagues, like I was contributing something by using sandpaper on a cricket ball. There is something that I don’t think I could understand until a mistake was made. But this is part of the journey and I need a difficult lesson to learn.


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