Ball Tampering case to be revealed now, CA begins inquiry with Cameron Bancroft


New Delhi: Australian batsman Cameron Bancroft recently made a big disclosure. He said that Australian bowlers were also aware of the incident of ball tempering. According to Bancroft, the players already knew about ball tempering during the Test series in South Africa.

CA contacted Bencraft

Meanwhile, the Cricket Australia (CA) Ethical Unit has contacted Cameron Bancroft to find out if the cricketer has any new information in the context of the ball tampering episode that rocked world cricket in 2018. No.

Warner-Smith was also banned

Let us know that Cameron Bancroft has recently created a new storm in Australian cricket by saying that more bowlers were aware of that incident. After this incident, the then captain Steve Smith and the vice captain David Warner were banned for one year each. Bencraft had the baggage and was also suspended for nine months for his role in the ball tampering case at the Cape Town Test.

Cricket Australia national teams chief Ben Oliver said on Monday that the Rebecca Murray-led ethical unit had contacted Bencraft whether he wanted to add anything to his previous statement. ‘ESPNcricinfo’ quoted Oliver as saying, ‘Of course there was a detailed investigation into the incident. Action was taken after this. He said, ‘I think we took the same stand all the time that if anyone has any new information in the context of that incident, then we will encourage people to discuss it further and with the moral unit.’

Oliver further said, ‘Our ethical unit, talking to Cameron again, has invited him to inform him if he has any new information. We will wait for his reply on this, we have not received an answer yet.

Michael Kalark also said this

At the same time, former Australian captain Michael Clarke told Fox Sports, ‘I can tell you that if you caught a pan, just a pan and it wrote’ 1 ‘on my cricket bat somewhere. Above the handle, on the edge of the bat, under the grip, anywhere, just a little number one, then I will notice it. At this stage, the players have a lot of knowledge about the equipment being used and it is difficult to believe that the bowlers did not see scratch marks on the ball.


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