Bancroft’s comment on Ball Tampering is misunderstood by Tim Paine, gave such a reaction


Hobart: Australia’s Test captain Tim Paine said on Wednesday that his bowlers had cleared a misunderstanding with Cameron Bencroft, who had hinted in an interview last week that all Australian bowlers were caught flirting with the ball during the Cape Town Test. Was aware of.

Bencroft’s misunderstanding cleared up

Penn told the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, ‘He is fed up with this issue again and again, but all the players who were part of that test have to go through it. Now everyone’s mood is fine. I think he has talked to Bencroft and the misunderstanding has cleared up. Now everyone should move on from here.

Bencroft gives rise to new controversy

Penn said, “We are all mature and have approached each other and settled the matter.” Earlier, Australian bowlers including Pat Cummins had said that they had no knowledge of the 2018 ball tampering case. Earlier, bowler Cameron Bencroft, who was involved in the incident, gave rise to a new controversy by saying that the rest of the bowlers were aware of it.

Australian bowlers gave a joint statement

Cummins, Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon were included in the Australian team in that series. He said in a joint statement that he was not aware of it. He also demanded a ban on spreading rumors. The statement said, ‘We are proud of our honesty. It is disappointing that some journalists and former players doubted our honesty about the 2018 Cape Town Test.

All four bowlers put a stop to the rumors

The statement said, ‘We want to give information about some facts again. We did not know that any substance had been brought to the ground and the ball had been tampered with. We came to know only after seeing the picture on the big screen. The four bowlers said that they had taken a lesson and now there is a need to move ahead with this matter. He said, ‘Whatever happened on the field that day was wrong and should not have happened. We all have taken a lesson and we want people to remember our good game and behavior in times to come. Now the rumors should stop.


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