BCCI enters battle against Coronavirus, will distribute so many Oxygen Concentrators to victims


New Delhi: The whole country is battling the Coronavirus. In such a situation, the BCCI has also gone to war against this epidemic. The board has announced that 2000 Oxygen Concentrators of 10 liters will be distributed to help in the recovery effort from COVID-19.

‘Oxygen demand also increased’

The BCCI issued a statement on Monday, saying, ‘The country has been unprecedentedly affected by the second wave of Coronavirus. Demand for medical equipment and life-saving oxygen has also increased.

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BCCI will help

The BCCI further said, ‘In the coming months, the board will distribute concentrators across India in the hope that important medical facilities and needy patients will be benefited, this step will help reduce the devastation of the epidemic.’

What did Sourav Ganguly say?

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said in his statement, ‘The board understands the role of the medical and healthcare community, it has fought a long war against the virus and continues to do so. These people are really frontline warriors, and they are doing everything that is necessary for our safety. The board has always kept health and safety at the top of the list and we are committed to our cause. Oxygen concentrators will provide immediate relief to the victims and they will be able to get well soon.

Jai Shah appeals

BCCI Secretary Jai Shah said, ‘We are walking shoulder to shoulder in the joint fight against the virus. The board understands the urgent need of medical equipment in this difficult time. We hope that this step will help reduce the demand-supply gap in the country. We are all going through this difficult period, but we hope that we will overcome this problem because the vaccine is being installed. I request that those who are eligible get vaccinated. ‘


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