BCCI has given a big statement regarding the tournament due to fear of Covid 19, IPL


New Delhi: The growing Corona crisis in India has also worried players in the IPL’s safe bio bubble and some Australian players have left the league midway, apart from India’s experienced off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, while the BCCI has said the game will continue. Ashwin of Delhi Capitals tweeted after winning the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Sunday, ‘I am taking a break from this season’s IPL from tomorrow. My family is fighting the Corona epidemic and it needs my help during this difficult time.

Ashwin left IPL

Ashwin said, ‘If things go in the right direction, then I will come back. Thank you Delhi Capitals. It is believed that a member of his family has been found to be Corona positive. Australia and Rajasthan Royals fast bowler Andrew Tye left the IPL midway due to the possibility of entry ban in his country due to increasing Corona cases in India.

Richardson and Jampa also decided to leave IPL

Andrew Tye claimed that many cricketers in Australia can take this decision. At the same time, Ken Richardson and Adam Zampa of Royal Challengers Bangalore have also decided to leave the league for personal reasons. IPL matches are being played in 9 cities without spectators. Tye said that he took this decision due to increasing cases of segregation of people from his hometown of Perth in India. Ty has not played a single match for the Royals yet and was bought for a crore.

This fear was haunting Australian players

Ty told ‘Radio Radio’ from Doha on Monday, “There are many reasons for this but the main reason is that cases of segregation in hotels of people returning from India in Perth have increased. The Perth government is trying to cut the number of people entering Western Australia. Ty said that fatigue in living in the bubble is also a reason. He said, ‘I thought that I should not get admission in the country, I should leave before that. Spending long time in bubble is quite tiring. Since August, I have been out of the bubble for only 11 days and now I want to go home.

BCCI gave a big statement

The BCCI said that the league will continue. An official said, “The IPL will continue. If someone wants to leave, then there is no harm in it. At the same time, RCB said in a statement, ‘Adam Jampa and Ken Richardson are returning home due to personal reasons and will not play in the remaining matches. Royal Challengers Bangalore are fully with him and are helping in every way possible.

Australia also cut flights by 30 percent

Many countries including Britain and New Zealand have banned travel from India. Australia has also cut flights by 30 percent and there is a possibility of further ban as three lakh cases are coming daily in India since last few days. More than three lakh corona cases are coming to India every day for the last few days. The medical system is struggling with the shortage of oxygen and some essential medicines.



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