BCCI strict on cases of sexual harassment, will tighten the noose on the accused


New Delhi: The BCCI on Monday approved the Comprehensive Prevention of Sexual Harassment, which will also cover Indian cricketers. That is, even players will not be able to survive in sexual harassment cases.

These people will come under its purview

Till now BCCI did not have any specific policy to deal with sexual harassment cases. This policy will be applicable to the senior to under-16 level cricketers apart from the office bearers, members of Apex Council and IPL Governing Council.

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This is how the complaint will be investigated

A copy of this 9-page document is also with PTI in which BCCI has said that a four-member internal committee will be formed to investigate complaints of sexual harassment. Its members, however, were not decided during the Apex Council meeting on Monday.

Who will investigate the matter?

According to the policy, “The internal committee should be headed by a woman who is appointed at the senior level at her workplace. Two members of the internal committee will be selected from among the employees, preference will be given to those who are committed to women’s rights or have social work experience or legal knowledge.

What will be the number of female members?

According to the BCCI policy, “one member of the internal committee should be elected from an NGO or association that works for women’s officials or has knowledge of issues related to sexual harassment (external member).” At least half of the internal committee members should be women.

Complaint can be made for 3 months

The complainant has to file the complaint within 3 months of the incident and the Internal Complaints Committee will give 7 working days to the accused to respond to the allegations.

Investigation will be completed in 90 days

The internal committee will get 90 days from the day of the complaint to complete its investigation and submit its recommendation to the BCCI, which will take action within 60 days. If the complainant or the accused is not satisfied with the decision of the BCCI, then they can approach the court.


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