B’day Special: What do you know about these special things of ‘spin king’ Ravichandran Ashwin?

new Delhi: Ravichandran Ashwin, this name comes to mind as a picture of a bowler whose mysterious carrom ball has kept almost all the batsmen in the world cricket. Ashwin, who has become one of the best spinners in world cricket, is celebrating his 34th birthday today i.e. on 17 September. Let us know some special things related to the life of this great all-rounder.

Started with opening batting, became expert spinner
Ashwin started his cricket as an opening batsman in childhood. But at the age of 14 he had to undergo a dangerous fracture in the hip and he was out of cricket for 8 months. Having trouble batting in return, he started spin bowling more on the advice of his mother Chitra, in which he was successful in a great way.

Ashwin is real name, Ravichandran’s father’s name
Due to the name Ravichandran Ashwin, many times there is confusion as to what his real name is, but let us tell you that ‘Ashwin’ is the real name of this off-spinner. ‘Ravichandran’ is his father’s name, which is added before his name due to family tradition.

Mother improved her career by becoming a mentor
Ashwin’s father Ravichandran had to stay out most of the time because of his job. For this reason, his mother Chitra used to take him to the academy for practice and also traveled far and wide with him for matches. Ashwin himself has once said that if he had no mother, his career would not have been so successful.

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Childhood girlfriend made life partner
Ashwin is married to his childhood girlfriend Preeti Narayan. He married this immediately after playing his first Test match against the West Indies in 2011. Both are still more good friends than husband and wife and their friendship can be seen in messages posted to each other on social media.

The coaches of the bowling school did not provide them in the trial
Ashwin was prevented by his coaches from bowling off-spin for any trials during school days, as he was easily selected in the team due to batting. Even if he bowled, the selectors would not have chosen any other off-spinner, which would have reduced the chance of a player.

Threat to bite finger when bowling
Ashwin once told the media that when he was playing a tennis ball tournament in Chennai in childhood, the players of the opposition team kidnapped him on a bullet from outside the house. He was threatened with biting his finger while playing in the match and was kept on a T-stall throughout the match.

Already took 9 wickets in Test
Ashwin, who came into Team India’s T20 team after a great performance for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League, played the first Test match on 6 November 2011 against West Indies at Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium in Delhi. He took 9 wickets in the match, which was the second best performance by an Indian bowler playing his first Test match. The better performance was done by Narendra Hirwani, who took 16 wickets in 1988 against West Indies in the first Test match. Ashwin was also the ‘man of the match’ in this test.

Fastest Indian in taking wickets
Ashwin can be called the fastest Indian bowler in taking wickets. He made 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350th Test wickets by playing the lowest Test match for India. Even he became the second fastest bowler in the world to take 200th and 350th wickets, while in the 250th and 300th Test wickets, he surpassed all bowlers in the world in terms of Test matches.

Charisma of all round double too
Ashwin completed 500 runs in his 11th Test match and he was only the third player after Australia’s Jack Gregory and England’s Ian Botham to score 500 runs and 50 wickets in the 11th Test. Ashwin has also broken the record of South African fast bowler Dale Steyn for taking the most Test wickets on his home pitches in a season.

Only Indian to take 5 wickets in innings with century in Tests 2 times
Ashwin has taken 5 wickets in an innings, scoring a century in a Test match twice in his career and he is the only Indian all-rounder to do this feat. Till date, only 26 players have been able to do this feat in world cricket.

Quickest 5 wickets in 25 times
Ashwin had created a world record of taking 5 wickets 25 times in an innings in the lowest innings. He set this record in the 89th innings of his 47th Test match.

ICC Cricketer of the Year Award
Ashwin has been awarded ‘ICC Cricketer of the Year’ for his performance in the year 2016-17. He became just the third Indian cricketer to receive this award. Apart from this, he has also received the ‘Arjuna Award’ for his game.

400 Test wickets are close
Ashwin has played 71 Test matches in his career so far, scoring 2,389 runs with 4 centuries and his account includes 365 Test wickets. He has the miracle of taking 5 wickets 27 times in an innings and 10 wickets 7 times in a match. In ODI cricket, he has taken 150 wickets with 675 runs in 111 matches, while in T20 cricket, he has taken 52 wickets, scoring 123 runs in 46 matches. However, despite showing the best games, he is not selected for limited overs cricket in Team India for a long time and now he is focusing all his attention on Test cricket. In which he is very close to taking 400 wickets.


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