B’day Special: When Abdul Qadir challenges 16-year-old Sachin, know what happened then

new Delhi: September 15 is today the 64th anniversary of former Pakistan cricket team leg-spinner Abdul Qadir. Abdul Qadir’s name was among the most legendary spin bowlers of the Pakistan team. But apart from this, Qadir’s name is also associated with former great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. In fact, at the age of 16, Tendulkar hit 4 sixes off the balls of Abdul Qadir and immortalized him in the pages of history. It may be known that Abdul Qadir died at the age of 63 due to a heart attack last year.

Abdul Qadir challenged Sachin
Significantly, in 1989, the Indian cricket team went on a tour of Pakistan. At that time Sachin Tendulkar, the youngest player of Team India, was selected in the team at the age of 16. There was to be a match in Peshawar between India and Pakistan on this round. But the match had to be canceled due to rain and poor light. In such a situation, not to disappoint the audience present in the stadium, a 20-over exhibition match was kept between India vs Pakistan.

Abdul Qadir was one of the best bowlers in Pakistan at that time. Chasing the target of 157 runs from the Pakistan team, in the end, Team India needed 69 runs in 5 overs, at that time Sachin Tendulkar was bantering at the crease, then there was some confusion in him and Qadir. Actually, in this match, Sachin was batting in style and he hit 2 sixes on Pakistan bowler Mushtaq Ahmed.

On this, Abdul Qadir went to Sachin and said that what is hitting the children sixes? We also showed a beating. In this manner, right-arm leg-spinner Qadir challenged 16-year-old Sachin. But Abdul Qadir may not have had a clue. He is going to witness a bad record in history. When Kadir came in front of Sachin to bowl, Tendulkar hoisted his bowling balls and hit 4 sixes in one over, and thus Sachin Tendulkar smashed Abdul Qadir’s arrogance.

Abdul Qadir later revealed during one of his interviews that he had bowled Sachin with full force, but it was Tendulkar’s ability that he hit 4 sixes on me. Abdul Qadir also told that after that innings, he started seeing a great batsman in Sachin. Sachin Tendulkar played an explosive innings of 18 balls 53 runs against Pakistan in this exhibition match. Although Team India lost this match 4 runs.

Abdul Qadir’s figures in cricket were like this
Of course Abdul Qadir is not among us, but his contribution as a cricketer cannot be forgotten. Qadir, known as the magic spinner of Pakistan, won the Pakistan team on several occasions with his magical bowling. Abdul Qadir took 236 wickets in 67 Tests for Pakistan. On the other hand, he took 132 wickets in 104 ODIs.


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