Before his debut match, Suryakumar Yadav had said this to himself, created a storm again


New Delhi: Suryakumar Yadav, who has done a great job for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL for the last few years, recently got a place in the Indian team in the T20 series against England. Now Surya has made a big disclosure.

Said this to myself

After a long wait, Suryakumar Yadav, who made his debut in international cricket against England earlier this year, said he was a bit restless on behalf of the Indian team before his first innings but he kept himself calm and Advised to believe in yourself which helped. Recalling that day, he said, ‘I told myself to believe in myself.’ Suryakumar did not get a chance to bat in his debut match but he played a fiery innings of 57 runs in his second T20 match in Ahmedabad.

‘I was excited’

The 30-year-old player said in the video posted on the official Twitter handle of Mumbai Indians (MI), ‘If you have seen well, I was very excited at that time. Apart from this, I was not happy either because Rohit (Sharma) was out, but when I was going in to bat, I was running and it shows how excited I was. Suryakumar, who has played three T20 internationals so far, said that he was remembering his achievements at number three when he was going to bat.

Wait a long time

He said, ‘I have been waiting for a long time and so when I came to the dugout wearing a pad, there was a little rest and it was necessary to do that because if it does not happen then how will you go in and do well.’ Suryakumar said, ‘When I was going on the field, many things started popping in my mind about what I have done while batting at number three. I got an answer when I told myself that what I want to do is to do nothing other than what the brothers have been doing till now. He started his innings with a six over England fast bowler Joffra Archer.

Suryakumar Yadav said, ‘People talk about that six, how I was feeling while playing the first ball for India. It was necessary to be a little calm and I knew what Archer has done in the IPL and how he dominates the batsmen. He said, ‘So I had some idea what kind of ball he would bowl and it was good that he bowled the same kind of ball. After this, I was very happy with the way things proceeded. ‘


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