Ben Stokes’ family has gone through a terrible phase, stepfather shot and killed brother and sister


New Delhi: Ben Stokes of England, one of the best all-rounders in the world, has turned 30 today. Ben Stokes won the World Cup trophy for the first time in the year 2019 for England on his own. Talking about Ben Stokes, his personal life was very difficult. When Stokes was young, his parents brought him from New Zealand to England.

What was the whole matter?

England’s famous tabloid ‘The Sun’ reported on the terrible past of Ben Stokes’ family. The report stated that her mother Deb had two children from her first marriage before marrying Ben Stokes’ father, but before her birth in 1988, her half-brother, four-year-old Andrew and eight-year-old sister Tracy, were her stepfather. Richard Dunn was murdered. After this incident, Stokes’ mother Deb married rugby coach Gerard Stokes.

Parents settled in England with Stokes

Gerard Stokes was the father of Ben Stokes. Stokes was born in 1991. Let us tell you that Richard Dunn learned that his wife Deb has become friends with rugby coach Gerard Stokes, father of Ben Stokes. After this, Richard Dunn carried out this incident. The report further said that his parents had moved from New Zealand to England with 12-year-old Ben Stokes. There Gerrard started a job in a rugby league club.

The father had killed the children in jealousy

Stokes’ mother Deb had previously been divorced from husband Richard Dunn, but lost her cool when Richard learned that Deb was in a relationship with rugby coach Gerard Stokes. The two children had gone to Richard’s home in Christchurch at the end of the week. Under stress, Dunn shoots Tracy and Andrew and commits suicide himself. Richard was unemployed at the time. Earlier, he had set the house on fire. Deb was deeply hurt by this incident.

The murderer’s daughter told the truth

England’s famous tabloid ‘The Sun’ reported quoting Richard’s 49-year-old daughter Jackie Dunn. Jackie said, I was 18 years old at that time. I was shocked that my father had killed both those innocent children. The memory of this is also frightening. The tabloid also published photos of the lead news of the New Zealand newspaper.


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