Big change in the rules of IPL! Now this will happen if the batsman hits a six


New Delhi: The Indian Premier League (IPL) was held again in India this year after almost two years. But due to the second wave of Corona virus, such an outbreak spread in the whole country that even this league had to be stopped midway. Now this league will once again be organized in UAE next month. But there has been a big change in the rules of this league.

IPL rules tightened

During the IPL held in India this year, many players and staff got infected with the corona virus. Now before the resumption of this league, the BCCI has decided to implement strict rules. According to the report of Inside Sports, if the ball goes to the stand in the IPL to be held in UAE, then another ball will be used in its place.

bowlers will not be able to use sliva

As before, bowlers will still not be able to use saliva to shine the ball. If he does so, the umpire will give him a warning. If he does this repeatedly, then the opposition team will get 5 runs as penalty.

Here are the new rules

Before flying to the UAE, all players and their staff will undergo an RT-PCR test related to Kovid-19. This test should be done before 72 hours. All the players and staff will be quarantined at different places after the RT-PCR test. A player will be allowed to step out only when it is very necessary. For this, he will have to take permission from the medical team of BCCI. To join back in Biobubble, any player and staff will have to stay in Quarantine for 6 days. During this, they will have a test every other day and they will be allowed to do anything further only if their result is negative.

IPL will start from September 17

IPL 2021, which was postponed due to Corona on May 4, will now be restarted in September and its final will be held in October. The remaining matches of IPL 2021 are going to start from September 17 and the final match can be played on October 15.


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