Big controversy between Australia and South Africa board, complaint reached to ICC


Johannesburg: Cricket South Africa (CSA) has now lodged an official complaint with the International Cricket Council (ICC) after Australia postponed tour to South Africa for three Tests due to Covid-19. Cricket Australia postponed their team’s tour of South Africa earlier this month. He cited ‘health and safety risks’ due to new cases of Kovid-19 in the country. This also made it difficult for Australia to reach the final of the World Test Championship.

Big loss to CSA

CSA criticized Cricket Australia for postponing the tour and said it was “very disappointing” and would cause “serious financial loss” to them. He has now filed a complaint with the ICC’s Dispute Redressal Department. According to the report by Espn, the acting CEO of CSA Foltsi Moseki has written to the ICC asking him to consider whether Cricket Australia’s decision is acceptable or unacceptable as per WTC conditions especially when the WTC’s 30 April 2021 Cannot be held until the expiration deadline.

Will ICC take action?

The CSA wants the governing body of World Cricket to assess the health situation in South Africa and decide if Australia has violated the Future Tour Program (FTP) by postponing the tour. According to the FTP conditions of the ICC, member countries have to fulfill their commitments, except in special circumstances, including government directives.

This is not the first time that any touring country has canceled a tour. Earlier in 2007, Australia did not visit Zimbabwe on political grounds on the advice of its government. The Indian team did not visit Pakistan in 2008 due to tensions between India and Pakistan.


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