Big shock to India’s Olympic preparations, 5 athletes qualified have been infected with Corona Virus


New Delhi: The second wave of Corona Virus in India has created panic. More than 3 lakh people are becoming victims of this epidemic in the country. Apart from this, more than 4 thousand people are also losing their lives due to this. The sports world has not survived from this epidemic.

Indian athletes get corona

Five track and field players, including athlete KT Irfan, who qualified for the Olympics, were found positive in the Corona Virus Detection at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) ‘s Center of Excellence in Bangalore. This investigation was done last Friday and the players found to be infected have been kept in quarantine.

A SAI source told PTI-language on the condition of confidentiality, “In the investigation conducted on Friday, at least five elite (top) athletes have been found to be Kovid-19 positive. These players have been kept separate from the others. This source also said that another pedestrian player is also positive in the investigation but his name could not be confirmed.

He said, “Apart from four male players and one female player, four associate members were found positive in the Kovid-19 investigation. Women players came to the center from their home. The players were examined on 6 May and the result was found on 7 May. All of them took the first dose of the vaccine to protect against the Korana virus on 29 April. One male player and one female player were not vaccinated. He was examined on May 10 and his results will be out tomorrow.

Irfan has qualified

The 31-year-old Irfan qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in 2019 after finishing fourth in the 20 km event of the Asian Walking Championships in Nomi, Japan. Sai’s source said that barring one player, the entire hockey team practicing in this center has been negative in the investigation. Without naming the player, he said, “This player will be examined again tomorrow.”

Let us know that in the last month, five players were found Kovid-19 positive at the center of SA including Priyanka Goswami, who qualified for the Olympics, Asian gold medalist in the 1500 meters, Jinson Johnson, long distance runner Parul Chaudhary, steeplechase runner Chinta Yadav And the foot player Eknath is involved.


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