October 4, 2022
“Boss, Don’t Put Newspaper…”: How Sourav Ganguly Avoided Media Scrutiny During His Playing Days

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Indian Cricket Board captain Sourav Ganguly knows a thing or two about the kind of players scrutinized by the media in an international career spanning over 16 years. In a recent interview, the former India captain revealed how he scrutinized the news – by not reading it. Ganguly, one of India’s most successful captains, said all players come under media scrutiny, but he would not mind “half of it” as he would be oblivious to what is being said about them. Is.

Ganguly, who appeared on “The Ranveer Show” on YouTube, was being asked what advice he would give to someone like Virat Kohli, who has been under a lot of scrutiny for a prolonged spell of poor form leading up to a stellar performance in the recent Asia Cup. came within range. He finally broke the nearly three-year-long century drought with his maiden T20I century.

“Everyone has been under media scrutiny. Just names keep changing with time,” Ganguly said.

The host asked Ganguly how he deals with being “targeted” in the news.


“Half of it I wouldn’t know because I wouldn’t read that much. I would enter hotels and the first thing I would say at the reception is, ‘Boss, don’t put the newspaper under my door. Morning’,” he revealed.

“But now it’s obviously too much. Social media, everything is on your computer, on your phone. But I think cricketers find a way to shut it down,” he added.

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