Bus driver’s daughter will show the magic of Gymnastic in Tokyo Olympics, will the dream of medal be fulfilled?


New Delhi: Indian sports fans cannot forget that moment of Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 when Dipa Karmakar created history by reaching the final. Even though Deepa could not win the bronze medal, she definitely became an inspiration for many players.

Pranati on Deepa’s footsteps

Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar will not be seen in this year’s Tokyo Olympics, but Pranati Nayak is all set to create history in Japan following her footsteps.

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Pranati is the daughter of the bus driver

Pranati Nayak hails from Midnapore district of West Bengal, she comes from a very ordinary family. Her father is a bus driver who, despite the difficulties, left no stone unturned to fulfill her daughter’s dream. Today his daughter has an Olympic ticket.

will try to give my best

Pranati Nayak told Times of India, ‘If I am able to give my personal best, I will be happy. I have been at my home for more than a year due to the Corona epidemic. I started my training again 2 months ago. I will try to do my best in Tokyo.

‘Difficult in the Corona period’

Pranati Nayak believes that the life of every athlete is not the same in the era of Coronavirus epidemic. He said, ‘I am closely watching the preparations of other gymnasts. He is training continuously, even in lockdown.

The only Indian gymnast in Tokyo

Pranati Nayak is the second Indian female gymnast after Dipa Karmakar to qualify for the Olympics. Apart from this, she is the only Indian gymnast to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Pranati said, ‘I prepared myself for this big tournament while staying at home. I could not find any gym near me for fitness.


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