Chahal and Dhanshree’s family going through terrible circumstances, told fans on social media their pain


New Delhi: Team India’s leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife Dhanashree Verma is very active on social media and often gives her fans frequent updates about herself through beautiful photos and videos. Dhanashree Verma has been away from social media for some time.

Chahal-Dhanashree’s family is going through terrible situation

Actually, Dhanshree Verma, who is always very happy, is going through very difficult situations these days. Also, the family of Yuzvendra Chahal is going through a difficult situation. Dhanashree Verma has written a post on her Instagram Story page. Dhanashree has shared her grief with fans through this post. Dhanashree Verma told the fans why he has not been active on social media since so many days.

Dhanshree told pain

Dhanashree wrote, ‘This time is very difficult and emotional for me. My mother and brother had become corona positive earlier. During that time I was in the bio-bubble of IPL. I felt very helpless at that time, because I could not do anything by wishing for them. At this time it is very difficult to stay away from family. It was our good fortune that my brother and mother recovered.

Chahal’s parents are also Corona positive

Dhanashree said, ‘But unfortunately I lost my aunt. Right now my mother-in-law and father-in-law (Chahal’s mother and father) have also been found to be corona positive and have severe symptoms. My father-in-law is admitted to the hospital and the mother-in-law is undergoing treatment at home. I am facing a terrible situation in the hospital, but at the same time I am being very cautious. Friends, please stay at home and take care of yourself and your family.

The famous couple is Chahal and Dhanshree

Cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife Dhanashree Verma are quite popular couples. He often shares his beautiful photos and videos with his fans. Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree got married in December 2020 only last year.

Dancer is dancer

Dhanashree Verma’s dance is a YouTube channel (Dhanashree Verma YouTube channel), the channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers. Dhanashree recreates Bollywood songs. Apart from this, she also offers hip-hop training. She also uploads videos of her dance academy on this YouTube channel. Dhanashree studied in 2014 from DY Patil Dental College Navi Mumbai.


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