Chetan Sakariya’s father dies from Corona, son was made cricketer by driving auto


New Delhi: India is currently badly affected by the second wave of Corona Virus. Like the general public, the sports world is also deeply troubled by the Corona crisis at this time. Meanwhile, a very bad news has come out from the cricket world.

Sakaria’s father dies

The father of fast bowler Chetan Sakariya (Chetan Sakariya), who played for Rajasthan Royals (RR) in the IPL, has died due to corona virus. Sakariya had recently informed the fans about her father getting infected with corona. Sakaria had said, ‘I am lucky because a few days ago I was paid my share by Rajasthan Royals. I immediately sent money home and it helped my father in the biggest time.

Son made player by driving auto

Actually, during the IPL 2021, it was learned about Chetan Sakariya that his father had made his son a player by driving an auto-rickshaw. The condition of Sakariya’s house was not very good, so his father had done this work. Not only this, Chetan’s elder brother also committed suicide before the auction of IPL. In such a situation, a mountain of sorrows has broken over Chetan.

Corona becomes fatal in India

India is facing devastation caused by the second wave of corona epidemic and more than four lakh new cases of infections are being reported daily since last few days. This crisis has been aggravated by the lack of vital medicines and oxygen. Due to this, thousands of people are losing their lives every day.


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