Chinese Rocket was dropped in Maldives, Australian player listened to it, watch video


New Delhi: After the suspension of IPL 2021, the Australian players are staying in the Maldives before returning straight to their country. Recently, an uncontrollable Chinese rocket fell directly into the Maldives, heading towards the earth from the sky. Seeing this rocket, the entire camp of Australia was also nervous.

Australian team had heard the blast

This uncontrollable Chinese rocket fell on the earth a few days ago. When this rocket fell into the sea, the Australian team and staff were only a short distance from the same coast. Many Australian players, including David Warner, had heard the sound of that rocket falling and felt as if there had been a severe explosion.

Warner said this

Meanwhile, David Warner told The Australian that as soon as the rocket fell near the coast of Maldives, they all opened their eyes around 5:30 in the morning. Warner said, ‘We heard that explosion around 5:30 in the morning. Expert says that it was not really the sound of rocket falling. That was the sound of the atmosphere which has been cracked due to the rocket.

China’s rocket was dangerous

China’s rocket that fell in the Maldives was abandoned by China’s special station on April 29. This rocket was of 23 tons and could fall anywhere on earth. If it falls in a populated area, then a very big accident could have happened. But it fell into the sea and no human was harmed by it.


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