Chris Gayle, caught in a sex scandal, was accused of opening the towel in front of the masseuse


New Delhi: West Indies batsman Chris Gayle is known for leading a luxurious life. Chris Gayle mostly plays in all T20 cricket leagues in the world. Often Chris Gayle roams in different countries. There has been a deep connection between Chris Gayle and controversies. During the 2015 World Cup, there were serious allegations against Chris Gayle. Chris Gayle was accused by a massage therapist of showing his private part by opening a towel. This woman had said that Chris Gayle showed her private part by opening his towel in front of her, after which she cried like a child.

nothing but towels on Gayle’s body

Zee News, however, does not confirm this news. This news about Chris Gayle was given by Fairfax Media Newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Canberra Times. The report stated that Gayle had intentionally opened his towel in the dressing room in front of female massage therapist Mariusse Lynne Russell while working with the West Indies team during the 2015 World Cup, leaving anything other than a towel on Gayle’s body. was not. According to these reports, Gayle did this intentionally.

Chris Gayle opened the towel?

During the hearing of the case, this woman told the New South Wales Supreme Court that she had gone to the chasing room to find something when Gayle came in front. Gail asked him, ‘What are you looking for?’ So I said, ‘Towel.’ On this, Gayle pulled his towel and opened it.

Massage therapist made serious allegations

According to the Herald, the massage therapist said, ‘I saw the upper part of Chris Gayle’s private part and took my eyes off my eyes apologizing. I said no and left from there. The massage therapist said that I immediately told the physiotherapist of the West Indies team about this incident and I was very upset about it.

weeping massage therapist

According to the Herald, the massage therapist said, ‘I cried bitterly, I cried like a child. He was deeply shocked after such behavior. Massage therapist raised voice for other women. He said, ‘It always happens, but no one has the courage to raise their voice against it, they should raise their voice.’

Gayle had filed a defamation claim

Although these reports were called nonsense by Chris Gayle. Gayle had filed a defamation claim against Fairfax Media Newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Canberra Times. Terming these allegations as baseless in the hearing of the case, Gail said that the media houses want to destroy his image. Gayle’s fellow player Dwayne Smith, who was present there at the time of that incident, also denied anything like this happened. Chris Gayle later won a $300,000 defamation suit against the Australian media group.


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