Chris Gayle, who played in crores, used to do this work earlier, mother used to sell peanuts


New Delhi: West Indies’ legendary batsman Chris Gayle is the owner of crores of assets today. It is often seen that Chris Gayle likes to live his life in a very royal way. This fast batsman has expensive vehicles and a bungalow worth crores of rupees, but there was a time when Gayle’s family used to be very poor.

Poor were from family Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle’s family used to be very poor at one time. Even his family had to work hard to get the necessities of living. He was born in a poor family in Jamaica and his family used to live in a mud hut. There was such a shortage of money that Gayle had to leave her studies in the middle.

mother used to sell peanuts

According to a report in Daily Hunt, Gayle’s family was very poor and his mother used to sell peanuts on the street to feed. Gayle’s family did not even have enough money to pay his school fees. Because of this, Gayle had to leave his studies in class 10 itself. Gayle had also said in an interview that if he had not been a cricketer today, his life would have been spent on the road.

play in crores today Gayle

Chris Gayle, who made his international debut in 1999, has been stung in this game for a long time. Gayle is one of the most dangerous batsmen in the world. Apart from playing for his country, he also plays in different leagues of the world. Gayle is currently a player earning crores and he is living his life with pleasure.


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