‘Come in your arms’, Hasin Jahan remembers Mohammed Shami? Video Viral on the Internet


New Delhi: Everyone remembers the controversy in the married life of Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan. Hasin Jahan is very active on social media. Hasin Jahan remains in the headlines by constantly sharing her photos and videos on Instagram. Fans keep commenting about Shami on most of his posts. Something similar has happened this time also.

Haseen Jahan posted a bold picture

Hasin Jahan has shared a video on Instagram, in which she is singing the song ‘Baah mein chale aao’. Fans are commenting fiercely on his post, including Shami. Haseen Jahan’s post is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

After this video, Hasin Jahan has also posted a picture, after which users have started trolling her. Actually this picture of him is very bold, due to which people are telling him a lot.

Shami was also accused by this girl

On social media, a girl made big allegations against Shami. In fact, an Instagram user named Sophia accused Shami and said that he harassed her. He wrote on his social media that will anyone tell me why the cricketer with 1.4 million followers keeps messaging me. It can be clearly seen in this screenshot that a direct message has been sent from Shami’s official Instagram handle to the girl, in which ‘Good Afternoon’ was written.

Had an affair with this Pakistani girl?

Apart from this, Mohammad Shami was accused by his wife Hasin Jahan that he also had a relationship with a Pakistani girl. The name of this girl was Asishba and Shami’s name was very much paired with her. Actually, Haseen Jahan shared screenshots of Shami and Asishba’s conversation on her social media. During this chat, Shami was also talking about meeting that Pakistani girl.

Shami and Haseen Jahan did not get divorced

Hasin Jahan has been living separately with her daughter for a long time due to a dispute with Mohammed Shami. The dispute between these two is going on for a long time. Let us tell you that there is no divorce between the two yet. Mohammed Shami and Haseen Jahan were married on 7 April 2014. After a few years, Shami’s wife accused him of having relations with other women. Along with this, Haseen has also made serious allegations like rape on Shami.

Know the full controversy of Shami and Haseen Jahan

Let us tell you that in 2018, a case was registered against Mohammed Shami under charges like assault, rape, attempt to murder and domestic violence made by his wife Hasin Jahan. Hasin Jahan had filed a case against Shami and his brother. A case was registered against Shami under section 498A (dowry harassment) and section 354 (sexual harassment) of the IPC, while his brother Hasid Ahmed was booked under section 354 (sexual harassment). Let us tell you that Mohammed Shami married Kolkata’s model Haseen Jahan on June 6, 2014. Haseen was a model. Then she became a cheer leader of Kolkata Knight Riders. During this both of them met and both of them gave heart to each other. Then Shami went against the wishes of the family and got married. Shami also became the father of the daughter on 17 July 2015.


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