Corona Virus: How will Australian players go home after IPL 2021? Glenn Maxwell told the way


New Delhi: The second wave of Corona Virus has badly affected India. Its effect can also be seen on the current IPL season. Foreign players playing in the IPL are now afraid of how they will go to their home. Meanwhile, Glenn Maxwell, who plays for RCB, has found a way for all the players to go back home.

Maxwell explained the way

Australia’s star all-rounder Glenn Maxwell said that he and other cricketers from his country would have no problem flying to the UK in a special aircraft carrying players from India, New Zealand and England after the Indian Premier League (IPL). . Maxwell told ‘The Final Word Podcast’, ‘We only want to find a way to go home. The BCCI and both governments can work to find a solution. If we have to wait a little, it can happen but at some stage the way to return home should be clear.

He said, ‘India and England have to play the series in England. If the situation turns from bad to worse, then we will have to wait in England and go out of India by special aircraft. I am confident that most players will agree with this.

BCCI will consider

A senior official of the Cricket Board of India (BCCI) agreed that this option could be considered after looking at international travel guidelines in the last week of May. Explain that due to the increase in the case of Kovid-19 in India, all commercial flights from India to Australia have been closed.

BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal said that this option could be considered as the board is considering several options for the safe return of foreign players. Dhumal said, ‘The option of traveling to England from there to Australia can be considered. There are many types of options and the BCCI will definitely try to choose the safest option in which the health and safety of the players will not be compromised.

The final of the World Test Championship will be played between India and New Zealand from June 18 and for this they will have to go to England after the IPL. England players can return home from the same flight.


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