Corona Virus: Jason Behrendorff extended a helping hand, said- India has got love


New Delhi: India is currently going through the worst phase of Corona Virus. The corona is having an impact on the sports world as well. The BCCI has postponed IPL 2021 (IPL 2021) till the next order arrives. However, some players at home and abroad are constantly helping India in the war against the corona virus.

Jason Behrndorff will donate

After the donation of players like Brett Lee and Pat Cummins, now another Australian player has tried to help India. The name of this player is Jason Behrendorff. Like Cummins, Behrendorff will also donate to UNICEF Australia’s India COVID-19 Crisis Appeal. However, he has not given information about how much amount he is going to donate.

Said this in tweet

In a recent tweet, Jason Behrendorff said, ‘Like most cricketers, India has always been a special place for me. It is a beautiful country, and the people here are always welcome and playing cricket in India is different from any other experience in the world. It is truly frightening and painful. Seeing what is happening here and knowing that there is not much I can do. My thoughts are never far from those in India who are being affected by the virus. I can’t even imagine what is happening with you.

He said, ‘I want to do something to help the UNICEF project for the Kovid-19 crisis in India. I encourage anyone who has experienced India’s generous hospitality. I know it is small. It can never match the love and friendship that India has shown to me and my family over the years, but I hope it can make a difference. ‘

IPL 2021 postponed

The season of IPL 2021 has gone to Corona. On Tuesday, the BCCI has been suspended due to Corona’s havoc. In the Corona era, questions were being raised about the conduct of the IPL. Players were constantly withdrawing from IPL-14. At the same time, most of the players were not in favor of playing IPL tournament under such risky conditions.


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