Cricket fans should be ready, once again there will be a fight between the Indo-Pak teams!


New Delhi: No cricket series has been held for a long time due to border tension between India and Pakistan (IND vs PAK). These two often only compete in big ICC tournaments. However, there are reports of a series of events between India and Pakistan. In such a situation, it will be a big thing for cricket fans that India and Pakistan will once again be face to face on the cricket field.

The series was last held in 2012

The last bilateral series between India and Pakistan (IND vs PAK) was played in 2012. Since then, these two countries have never come face to face. However, the two countries face each other in almost every ICC tournament. Actually, there is a situation of tension on the border between India and Pakistan. In 2019-20, a war-like situation had also arisen between the two countries. However, continuous efforts are being made now that the relationship between the two countries can be fixed.

What can be the series?

A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official said that the cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan (IND vs PAK) is now being looked into and a series is expected to happen soon. The PCB told Pakistan’s Daily Daily Jung, “Efforts are being made for a peace deal between the two countries.” At the same time, efforts are also being made for the India-Pakistan (IND vs PAK) series. If the series is agreed upon, then a series of three matches can be played. For this, both countries can take six days time. There is a lot of cricket to be played this year. Because of this, both India and Pakistan teams do not have much time. But both boards can find a way out soon to mend the relationship. ‘ If this happens then it is a big news for the fans of both the countries.

At the same time, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ehsan Money has not said anything about this. He said that PCB is still not ready for this.

However, that source also says that visas can be given to the Pakistani team for the T20 World Cup and this is constantly being discussed. Let us know that recently Pakistani players were also given visa for the shooting World Cup.



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